Iwab0380e errors were encountered while validating xml schemas

The xml file generated after porting to AIR for Android is as follows: package my App; import Looper.loop(Looper.java:137) 11-07 .832: W/System.err(2140): at Activity Thread.main(Activity Thread.java:5103) 11-07 .863: W/System.err(2140): at reflect.

Here is the start of the wsdl: Also, is there an easier way of learning this?

Ideally I would have something which explains, almost literally, every word in the code surrounding this, I've had a look at a book, I think was called 'Head Start Android Programming' which was fairly informative.

WSDLQuery Exception: Exception occurred whiletrying to process WSDLQuery Handler.write Response(WSDLQuery Handler.java:232)atorg.transport.http_jetty. Jetty Service(Jetty HTTPDestination.java:237)atorg.transport.http_jetty. Jetty HTTPHandler.handle(Jetty HTTPHandler.java:70)atorg.mortbay.jetty.handler. Context Handler.handle(Context Handler.java:722)atorg.mortbay.jetty.handler. Context Handler Collection.handle(Context Handler Collection.java:206)atorg.mortbay.jetty.handler. Handler Wrapper.handle(Handler Wrapper.java:139)at org.mortbay.jetty. Bounded Thread Pool$Pool Thread.run(Bounded Thread Pool.java:450)Caused by: Service Routing DHTImpl30.5.2008 org.configuration.spring. Configurer Implget Bean Name INFO: Could not determine bean name for instance of classorg. Server Impl init Destination INFO: Setting the server's publish address to bejbi://ID-10-63-10-88-11a38b79898-21-4INFO - Auto Deployment Service - Directory: hotdeploy: Finishedinstallation of archive: poc-sa-1.0.jar1 name = common.xsd1 name = common.xsd1 name = Can someone help me please?

Example: looks something like this:poc-bc (using cxf-bc) : contains wsdl which imports schema from jar(dependency in pom)poc-se (using cxf-se) : implementation of service If you look on wsdl which is published on: xsd=common.xsd---------------------------------------------------------------but on this address can't find any schema, it throws exception.. Jetty HTTPDestinationdo Service WARNING: write Response failed:org. Http Connection.handle Request(Http Connection.java:505)atorg.mortbay.jetty. Http Connection$Request Handler.header Complete(Http Connection.java:828)at org.mortbay.jetty. Http Parser.parse Next(Http Parser.java:514)at org.mortbay.jetty. Http Parser.parse Available(Http Parser.java:211)at org.mortbay.jetty. Http Connection.handle(Http Connection.java:380)atorg.nio. Select Channel End Point.run(Select Channel End Point.java:395)atorg.mortbay.thread. XMLVersion Detector.determine Doc Version(Unknown Source)at org.apache.xerces.parsers. XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source)at org.apache.xerces.parsers. XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source)at org.apache.xerces.parsers. XMLParser.parse(Unknown Source)at org.apache.xerces.parsers. Reflection Service Factory Beanbuild Service From Class INFO: Creating Service Service Routing DHTService from huavi.

I want to hash the message with HMAC and MD6 and then encrypt it with its digest using AES so can anyone help me?

this code shows me the next error "Datatype Converter cannot be resolved" what do you think about NTRU with AES Rijndael as an alternative? thanks in advance More I am creating a new Widget using the same structure/style as the other Swing widgets. As part of my UI implementation I am using the javax.basic. Eclipse is considering it to be visible as it has the same package name, however at runtime I get a

Now I've created another Android application using Eclipse; Java; I want to open my above game from my this application.. Handler.handle Callback(Handler.java:730) 11-07 .762: W/System.err(2140): at

I went through some examples but it didn't work for me. Handler.dispatch Message(Handler.java:92) 11-07 .792: W/System.err(2140): at

I finally "borrowed" some code and made changes for my purpose. The purpose is to play audio files from a web site. Is there anything else I've to include inside my game's xml file? Null Pointer Exception 11-07 .732: W/System.err(2140): at my App.

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