Is cm punk still dating lita

Both Phoenix and CM Punk have both had great successes in the WWE.

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As we all know, Maria Kanellis made her re-debut at Money in the Bank with her real-life husband Mike Bennett.

Before her and Mike, Maria was head over heels for CM Punk.

Unfortunately, Chyna passed away in 2016 before her and the WWE could make peace.

Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas “Lita” made headlines in 2005 after Lita cheated on Hardy with fellow WWE Superstar, Edge.

The last time i heard from cm punk and maria they were engaged, this was right before the benoit incident, so im sure that theyre married by now no they are not married nor w ere they ever engaged nor are they dating amy longer.

Former wwe diva maria kanellis has been in the wrestling business for over a decade, spending the last three years as a member of the ring of honor roster before that, she spent years in the wwe, including a.

They must have had a nasty breakup because Punk came out and said that it didn’t even matter who Phoenix had as a boyfriend, just if she had one. Stone Cold was a name with a huge impact on the Attitude Era of the WWE.

After his divorce to wife Debra, she aired out all their dirty laundry. Both X-Pac and Chyna also had a huge impact on the Attitude Era, both as members of D-Generation X.

Eventually, as WWE has done to many couples before, separated HHH and Chyna. It was later revealed that HHH had allegedly cheated on Chyna with Steph after finding love letters from her.

It was a messy breakup that caused a big falling out between Chyna and the WWE.

One of the best heartfelt stories in the WWE during the 80’s was these two lovebirds.

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