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If they know you disapprove, they may attempt to hide it.

So educate yourself on the chat lingo they may use to hide their conversations.

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For decades, “stranger danger” has been a term parents of school-aged kids used to warn their children.

Before the rise of the internet, stranger danger referred to the dangers associated with strangers physically preying on innocent victims enticing with candy, knocking on the door or approaching a wandering child at a grocery store.

While stranger danger is still a reality, it has a new dimension: threats from dangerous strangers can present themselves both in the flesh and online.

Indeed, Internet stranger danger is a real and growing problem.

(So far, wake-up calls are only available to people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, and Hong Kong, though people in other countries can place calls through the app.)Hrachik Adjamian, Wakie’s co-founder and CEO, told me that the app was inspired by his own love for the snooze button, and his experience working as a software programmer from home for faceless clients.

“The only thing that could really wake me up was a call from an unknown phone number.

If you think your child is safe from online stranger solicitation, you are wrong.

The San Diego District Attorney (SDDA) reported that over 45 million children ages 10-17 use the Internet, and among them: Because some kids and teens don’t fully understand the dangers of talking to strangers online, they may engage in this behavior.

In search of a new tack, I downloaded an app called Wakie, which allows strangers to (anonymously) wake each other up.

Launched last year, it blends the old-timey convention of the hotel wake-up call with the social randomness of Chatroulette.

The plan: To find an alarm clock that could actually wake me up.

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