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The lights and equipment in the SUV begin to FLICKER around them. The champagne bottle starts to RATTLE noisily now as it shakes more violently. Champagne goes spewing everywhere -- over equipment, over Jane.

DARCY I don't think there's anything wrong with your equipment... They watch it curiously, pressure building up inside it, when the cork EXPLODES out of it.

JANE (CONT'D) The last seventeen occurrences have been predictable to the minute... Something catches Darcy's eye out the driver's side mirror. In the distance, ODD GLOWING CLOUDS form in the skies over the Northeastern end of the desert.

A flustered Jane smooths her hair and sits back on her heels.

We move through the galaxy's mists and astral matter, then over and up, through a band of prismatic color to reveal what's on the other side: HEIMDALL (V.

SUV 7 Selvig looks up through the still-open sunroof at the enormous glowing funnel cloud with wonder.

JANE You've gotta get us closer so I can take a magnetic reading.

The underside of the panels house a variety of hand-built ASTRONOMICAL DEVICES, which now point at the sky. Jane passes it to Selvig to hold while she pulls on the old gloves -- too large and masculine for her small hands.

It appears to be cobbled together from spare parts of other devices. We hear a loud BANG followed by muffled CURSING from below. So what's this "anomaly" of yours supposed to look like? Once it looked like, I don't know, melted stars, pooling in a corner of the sky.

PALACE ANTEROOM - DAY 17 Directly under the throne room, a gloomily lit hall. How else could I have fought my way through a hundred warriors and pulled us out alive? He gestures towards the goblet in the Attendant's hand.

THOR (CONT'D) Now that was just a waste of good wine.

They exchange puzzled looks, as we move up through the last glowing remnants of the storm, and into: 13 EXT.

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