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Learning 4 All is an organisation that is innovative and responsive to the needs of people working with children, adolescents and adults with special learning needs.We provide effective professional learning in a variety of ways to give the opportunity for participants to be reflective of their learning.Unlike the many muskets, carbines and pistols used throughout history, the blunderbuss was a fast and loose weapon.

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By far, the largest producers of the blunderbuss were the various gunmaking firms in and around London. Nock, Waters & Co., Ketland & Co., and Rea of London.

Firearm Type: Flintlock Blunderbuss Nation Of Manufacture: Britain, France, United States, Poland, others Service Dates : Late 16th Century-Mid 19th Century Variations: Numerous.

Sometimes referred to as a "naval" blunderbuss or "pirate" blunderbuss, they were actually in use on land as well.

Naval and merchant ships carried them for protection, to repel boarders such as pirates, who used them also, for the opposite purpose.

At its heart, fundraising is helping others connect an existing passion directly to your cause. We have to address the fears and risks every donor feels, .

Once donors believe that your cause truly matters, giving almost becomes an afterthought. Note, however, that if you survey your donors or ask questions of a potential donor, you have to learn to read the answer behind the answer.Much later, blunderbusses were used by mail and stagecoach drivers to ward off attacks on the road by bandits and highwaymen.The most well-known blunderbuss weapons were produced by armories in England, France, and the United States. The armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia) produced a limited number of blunderbuss weapons.They would then board forcefully using axes, pistols, cutlasses, pikes and other weapons in addition to the blunderbuss.One of a pirate's best weapons was their reputation.The earliest use of the blunderbuss was in the 17th century, and continued until the middle of the 19th century, around the 1840s.

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