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Something like a request to set the sales tax options for all inventory items to be ‘base on customers’ is pretty straightforward and I am not going to discuss that here.What is more complicated is the following scenario: update the Payment Terms for each customer based on a list in Excel.For example, your Excel file will look something like this: Add the following formula into column C (I put double quotes in red to separate them from the single quotes for visibility): =” from the last line.

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My preferred approach is to create what I refer to as a ‘table on the fly’ inside of your SQL update query.

Here is how I do this: In your Excel file, create a new column that will turn the data into SQL code.

Since it is possible to use a Macro in the Standard Cost Maintenance window, I am reluctant to recommend someone use a SQL script to rebuild pending standard costs (reset to zero) in the ICIV0323 table.

In the end, the choice is up to you; however, should you proceed with either approach to the problem at hand, the first step would be the same. The second step is to refresh your test company and test the fix there, prior to implementing it in your live database.

With the change to the direct distribution model for Winthrop Development Consultants products, it is a requirement for all sites to be updated to build 24 or later of GP Power Tools (current build is 25).

Updating all workstations to a new build can be a lot of work.

This article explains the options available to assist you with the process.

The update is required because from 01-Jul-2018 the registration system has changed to a completely new system.

Final warning – updating data directly in SQL Server can have some serious and unintended consequences.

If you are not sure whether it’s ok to do or should be done this way, please ask for help.

You can either do that inside the GP application itself, or check the SY03300 table, which is probably more efficient and will also check for any typos: select * from ( select 'AARONFIT0001' customer, 'Net 30' terms union select 'ADAMPARK0001' customer, 'Net 30' terms union select 'ADVANCED0001' customer, 'Net 15' terms union select 'ADVANCED0002' customer, 'Net 30' terms union select 'ALTONMAN0001' customer, '2% 10/Net 30' terms union select 'AMERICAN0001' customer, 'Net 45' terms ) a where terms not in (select PYMTRMID from SY03300) Notice that I simply took what I copied into SQL from Excel and made it into a table by putting parentheses around it and adding an alias (a) at the end.

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