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Being a live cam affiliate is still an highly lucrative business.

We bring all your present and future business partners in one roof, close to you.

If you want your platform to be better known, you have plenty of opportunities to reach out to content providers through product presentations, we can get you in personal contact with the largest traffic companies, and much more.

If you are looking for a co-founder or partner , apply to pitch our entire audience . LEARN MORE ABOUT IT A bigger focus on attendee engagement - this is our new strategy .

With other words we are making attendees a part of the educational structure of our event .

Virtual reality, 360, teledildonics are surely the new craze and get huge exposure in the live cam scene.

If you are selling or promoting such gadgets, your place is surely in Mamaia, as we can hook you up with not only the end users of your products, but also the representatives of the platforms that might be interested in implementing your services.AWSummit is also a place of education for you, as various workshops and seminars will be presented for you and your performers to give you expert advise on improving your performance.Would you like to see how the industry builds up, from the inside?ABOUT AFFILIATES MEETUPHaving big ideas is great , but they're not worth anything if you can't , well , make them happen .This is why , AWSummit will provide the right environment and the right tools for you to find the right investors , co-founders or partners for your new venture .This is the right and proper place to learn new things and develop your model skills and portfolio .

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