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Their ninth studio album Sexorcism was released in May 2018.

The band has gone through several line-up changes, but original members Mr Lordi and guitarist Amen are still active with the band.

Tiainen recommended Lordi to the record label Kimmo Hirvonen's Records, owned by Anaconda.

The album was planned to release in early 1999, but Anaconda Records went bankrupt shortly before the planned release date and the album was never released.

At the time when the album was recorded, the band didn't have a drummer and they used MIDI drum tracks in place of a real drummer.

Ari Tiainen, the owner of their record company, had originally planned to publish the album; however, the company did not have sufficient resources to market it.

Lordi was formed in 1992 as a solo project by Mr Lordi.

Lordi's very first demo album Napalm Market was done in 1993.

In 1996 Mr Lordi organized a Kiss cruise for Finnish Kiss fans from Finland to Sweden.

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