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Artie came up with ''any Bruce (Springsteen) song.'' He said that the first song that Howard ever played on K-Rock was a Bruce Springsteen song so he told Fred to play that one.

They played a ''No more Bullshit'' song parody and then the Bruce Springsteen song ''Prove it All Night.'' After that Howard played a clip from Nightline where Martin Bashire pronounced a word in a funny way.

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Howard said this would give them time to pee and do some other things.

They couldn't get off the revelations though because they were all very interested in finding out which story belonged to which staff member.

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Howard played an audio clip of Tim Sabean trying to explain how they were going to run their schedule.

After that the guys were still talking about the revelations because they were so fascinated by them.

Gary said that the big buzz out in the hall was that Howard was the one who got Beth pregnant and had to have an abortion.

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