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When she is not training for her next marathon, Katie can often be found exploring D. on bike with her husband, climbing mountains, listening to esoteric music, relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea, or trying out a new recipe to fuel her athletic endeavors.We are only two months into 2015 and it has already proven to be a busy year. As we wait and prepare for the arrival of Christ in our midst, both in Bethlehem and at the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God, may we remember that God cares for us in the midst of our struggles and that we can look forward to the complete restoration of our relationships, our communities, and of the world entire. The media has been full of stories about the raging Ebola epidemic, gridlock and partisanship in Congress, racial injustice in countless communities across our country, immigrant children stranded at the U.

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We are an international non-profit educational organization, with groups covering the North American continent, as well as groups in Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe.

Our purpose is to recreate the atmosphere of the Medieval and Renaissance periods of European history, with emphasis on life in and around the courts in Europe. The Knowne World encompasses the globe, and is divided into 19 kingdoms, we are located in the East Kingdom.

While her hometown was not known for strong women, good-looking men, and above-average children, it did fulfill many of the other great Minnesotan stereotypes, such as being home to six different Lutheran churches that all hosted potlucks on various occasions.

(Katie has a great recipe for Jell-O salad, by the way! Olaf College, where she studied political science and religion and played violin in the St. After holding a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other throughout her college career, she discerned a call to ministry and decided to attend Princeton Theological Seminary, where she received her master of divinity degree.

Through education and empowerment, we can confront gender-based oppressions and change harmful practices, policies, and structures within the church and the broader culture.

It’s a tall order, but one that demands nothing less from us if we truly believe in the sacred worth of women and girls.

As a Christian, I hope in the resurrection and for the full redemption of our broken world.

This vision of a redeemed world keeps me going in the midst of my questioning, my doubt, my impatience and frustration with the current brokenness of the world.

Every September, Sojourners welcomes a new cycle of interns who have committed to living and working with us in our office in Washington, D. This group of 10 women and men work full time in the ministry of Sojourners, are given vocational and spiritual guidance, and live together in intentional community.

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