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It turned out he was 54, not 46 and that picture was 24 years old.” Working in the financial sector in the world's largest city had previously given Liz a busy social life.

“If I was really unlucky there would be the dreaded spare man for me to be set up with, then because the parents had to get up early for the kids the whole thing would be over by 10.15pm.” While doing a series of financial jobs while she was here Liz bemoaned the Belfast dating scene. “I met one guy online who told me was 46, 5ft 10ins and sent me a picture of a guy with dark hair.

When we Skyped he told me his webcam was broken so he could see me but I couldn't see him. My first thought was, why would you send your dad on a date?

Getting to know the individual will help Liz to introduce them to like-minded people.

“It also means that whoever comes to the dining club, particularly women on their own, will know at least one person in the room — me.

There are no prerequisites such as educational qualifications or income.

“I have consultants, MLAs and judges but I also have plumbers, electricians and so on that come.

And losing her job turned out to be a stroke of good fortune as her less than impressive forays on the dating scene here prompted her to set up the Fine Dining Club, a bespoke way to find the ideal partner.

Indeed, so popular has it become that Liz says she even has some MLAs and a few of the country’s super wealthy among those who have signed up.

I had joined the tennis club, the gym, the book club and I started asking single people I'd met through those if they wanted to come.” In all 34 people attended that first evening in March 2009 — 17 men and 17 women. “My phone didn't stop ringing after that,” says Liz.

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