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Evelyn was African-American, and she and her parents, Thomas Edward Bain (born in Kansas, to Gabrel Bain and Isabella/Belle Johnson) and Wilma “Willie” Frances Peterson (born in Arkansas, to William F.Peterson and Nannie Hall), are listed as either African-American or, sometimes, as “Mulatto”, in census records. Hailee’s maternal grandmother is Laurita Lee Hinkle (the daughter of William Hicks Hinkle and Edith Laurita Jones).I went to the Philippines for the first time this spring, and it was amazing. We’re family.” I actually played three of my own shows there. Bessie was a Russian Jewish immigrant, and was the daughter of Hyman Mendel Zelensky and Sarah Cohen, who was born in Romania. Ricardo’s father, Pastor “Peter” Loresca Domasin, was born, in 1902, in Panglao, Bohol, in the Philippines.

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Looking at Hailey only I can’t say she has some Black ancestry, only a little bit of Asian. Didnt know you were a part of her family to be able to tell.

Especially when she has posted pictures of a BLACK great grandmother. Log in to Reply If you look at the dna markers of origin (y dna of E and J).

It’s interesting how people of mix backgrounds come out.

Also her mother doesn’t appear to be have any black ancestry but they do.

Peter’s origin probably came from Panglao, Bohol based on current indexed records in Family Search. Her ancestry is 50% Ashkenazi Jewish 25% English and German 12,5% Filipino 12,5% African-American (mulatto/mixed race) Therefore more than 3/4 of his ancestry is Caucasian Log in to Reply Hailey definitely looks mixed, but it’s in her brother that you can see the Black background – not on her at all.

There is one record where Emiliana Loresca Domasin (the daughter of Gerónimo Domasin and Cirila Loresca) married Pedro Arapoc Horcerada (the son of Leoncio Arapoc and Timotea Horcerada). Here’s the source: cc=2018411&wc=3WJX-FMJ:341024001,341147001,341027601,341023303 Log in to Reply Okay, Peter’s birthplace is confirmed through this source: However, it was Pastor Domasin who arrived in Los Angeles, California on July 7, 1923. He literally looks half Black half White, but light-skinned; especially his hair and face.

My grandfather, my mom’s dad, was half African-American, half Filipino.

And Filipinos, I’ve learned, have many wonderful traits – the main ones being passion and pride. Hailee’s maternal grandfather, Ricardo/Simonas Guillermo Domasin, was born in 1938 in Los Angeles, California.

Laurita was born in Texas, and had English, German, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), and Scottish, ancestry.

William was the son of Joshua Madison Hinkle and Ella Malona Payne.

COM to identify his parents because 1940 US Census is not helping (there were two Herbert Steinfeld’s in New York).

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