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We identified 2822 citations and after duplicate removal, we assessed 1128 citations.

A total of 6 papers were included in this systematic review, reporting on data from 431 persons participating in small trials of short duration.

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Furthermore, even children meeting the PA guidelines [23] spend a large proportion of their discretionary time in sedentary behaviours (up to 9 h daily) [10].

Whilst homework and reading have been identified as prominent sedentary behaviours amongst children [24], screen-time remains the most prevalent [10] and has been consistently associated with obesity, poor CRF, cognitive function and overall cardio metabolic health [10].

Moreover, screen-time is associated with short sleep duration [25,26], less time spent in MVPA [15,27], a poorer diet, such as lower fruit and vegetable consumption [28], greater intake of soft drinks [29] and unhealthful sugary snacks [30].

Conversely, the relationship between overall sedentary time and cardiometabolic risk markers in children is less clear [10,31].

The way by which MVPA improves health is not fully understood [7], but may be partially explained by its relationship with other healthy lifestyle factors [7,14,15].

Indeed, MVPA is associated with healthy dietary habits, such as increased fruit and vegetable consumption [15,16], breakfast consumption [17] and a lower intake of unhealthy sugary snacks [18].

Our goal was to systematically review studies that aimed to evaluate integrated communication within mobile apps for tailored feedback between patients with diabetes and health care personnel in terms of (1) study characteristics, (2) functions, (3) study outcomes, (4) effects, and (5) methodological quality.

A systematic literature search was conducted following our International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO) protocol, searching for apps with integrated communication for persons with diabetes tested in a controlled trial in the period 2008 to 2016.

Of these lifestyle factors, physical activity and sedentary time have been identified as the most strongly associated with obesity and health [12,13].

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