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This company was sold and merged with other companies numerous times.After failing to reach an agreement with NBC and Cablevision in 1990, the company decided to make its own separate division, Direc TV.

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The history of Direc TV is quite lengthy and dates back to Howard Hughe’s creation of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, founded in 1953.

Following his death, Hughes company was split into 4 divisions, one of which was Hughes Space and Communications.

Direc TV is a satellite television provider founded in 1994 that in the beginning, worked together with USSB to receive 175 channels and broadcast them via an 18-inch dish.

In 1998, Direc TV acquired United States Satellite Broadcasting (USSB). In 2004, Direc TV stopped servicing the Mexican market, although it retains a 41% interest SKY satellite system in Mexico and in 2007, stopped servicing Brazil, while directing customers to the 74% Direc TV owned SKY Brazil satellite system. the Direc TV blimp named “lefty” was launched in October 2007 at the MLB World Series, held in Boston, Massachusetts.

I guess I am going to have to find a cable company that values my patronage unless something can be worked out. How this company has received any sort of award for good service is beyond me.

Reply I called Direct Tv to have my service transferred to my new home.

I had been kept on hold for over an HOUR multiple times just to tell my story for the millionth time and transferred to someone that could help….usually back to the beginning of the phone tree so that I had to start the process completely over.

Needless to say, talking to the supervisor that could “rectify the rest of the install fee” never happened as assured.

This tech was very nice and accommodating and although it took some pulling teeth on his end, he was able to get the job changed to the new address without having to reschedule the appointment.

The tech stated that the dish on the side of the new house had been there for over 5 years (it had old cable that hadn’t been used by DTV in about that long) and that he would change out the cable to the type DTV was using now. Fast forward to now…and the remaining installation fee.

Direc TV has had numerous channel disputes in recent years including dropping Versus (now NBC Sports) in 2009, G4 in 2010 and a Viacom dispute in 2012 which was successfully resolved. Tagged as: directv corporate headquarters, directv corporate office, directv corporate office address, directv corporate office email address, directv corporate office phone number, Direc TV customer complaint desk, direc TV customer complaints, directv headquarters, directv main office Direc TV has the most HORRIBLE customer service I have ever dealt with. I was on my way home when I got the call that the tech had left without performing any part of the installation.

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