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To include a Leslie speaker or Hammond Tone Cabinet see the bottom of this page. Beginning in late 1935 and continuing to mid-1975, the archetypal instrument we think of when hearing the word "organ" was produced by the thousands.

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Though I’m a bit removed from being a tween these days, the closest thing on the market I can compare to I think that’s great, but there’s certainly room for more tween-centered fare that serves to encourage kids to be themselves, not grow up too fast and show that it’s okay to be a little bit awkward.

Though Budnick might have set red-heads back a few years, he eventually became one of the show’s most complex characters (as complex as you can get in 26 episodes); Sponge paved the way for nerdiness as the new sexy, way ahead of his time (and he taught me that giraffe’s had black tongues – though technically that was Ug’s shining moment); even Telly, Z. and Dina broke out of the stereotypical girl molds to become more fully realized characters that didn’t rely solely on approval from boys (like many of today’s shows/films seem to focus on).

However, by examining those components as a group one can determine that the instrument was produced no earlier than the latest date indicated by its component parts.

In general, tubes appear to have had the shortest stock life and speakers the longest.

A Midwestern bar tender hungering for life in the fast lane enters a Hollywood King of the Bar contest in this fast-paced showbiz satire starring Jason Mewes and Paris Hilton. When Owen gets word of a high profile bartender contest with a hearty cash prize, he sets his sights on Hollywood and prepares to knock the judges dead.

Owen Peadman (Mewes) is Minnesota's "Golden Boy" of bartending, but the Midwest has grown a little bland, and now Owen is looking make a name for himself in the thriving L. Unfortunately for Owen things don't quite work out as planned, and after losing out to a well-known L. barman he is forced to seek the help of his flamboyant Uncle Earl.Until then, keep leaving your feedback and suggestions in the comments below!• Blake Soper • Christine Cavanaugh • Danny Cooksey • Editorial • Entertainment • Erik Mac Arthur • Heidi Lucas • Henry W. Even the above is fraught with some risk, as replacement parts used for repair or modification will occasionally skew the overall picture.Additionally, some organs have been pieced together in order to get one working unit out of many; this will produce inconsistent and unlikely date code ranges.The plots were simple and straightforward, easily accessible for the tween to teen audience, but that’s what made them so great and memorable.

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