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The ordered nature of the structure reflected the clarity and rationality of God's universe, while the sculptures (reliefs and column statues), stained glass windows and murals illustrated the scriptural messages of the Bible.

Craftsmen involved included the greatest sculptors in Europe, but they remained largely anonymous.

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To see Gothic at its impressive best one goes, of course, to the great cathedrals, especially the cathedrals of northern France.

(But see also German Gothic sculpture, as well as the differing styles of English Gothic sculpture.)Those cathedrals are among man's most extraordinary and moving creations, whether one sees them from afar, rearing themselves proudly above the city that surrounds them and breaking upwards into spires and pinnacles, whether one examines them at close quarters, noting the restless infinity of sculptural detail and fretted texture, or whether one enters them to find oneself in a complex architectural system whose soaring pillars and ribbed vaults arrest the eye so effectively that the walls are hardly noticeable and the effect is rather that of a formalized forest than of an enclosed room.

Its essence lies in its power to suggest, not the final perfection of classic reason, like a Greek temple, but a dynamic search for the unattainable.

The secondary arts of sculpture and stained glass which it fostered so easily, seem to grow organically out of it rather than to be imposed upon it.

It was an affectionate curiosity, full of little whimsies and extravagances.

Instead of limiting itself to humanity it could range playfully and capriciously across the whole of creation, picking out details, a monstrous form here, a charming turn of the wrist there.The Gothic Cathedral Reflecting the increasing stability of the age as well as the growing power and ambition of the Christian Church, the Gothic cathedral was designed as a miniature symbol of God's universe.Each element of the building's design conveyed a theological message: namely, the awesome glory of God.Yet as we are concerned only with the fine art of sculpture, it is necessary to think of Gothic sculpture as being detachable.In a purely physical sense, a great deal of Gothic sculpture can be removed from its architectural context and still claim our admiration not only for its vitality, its fantasy, and its grace, but also for its inherent, self-contained meaning.They may have thought of themselves as moderns (as compared with the builders of St Trophime or Durham), but they would have been surprised to know that four centuries later, men of culture looking for a word to describe their style of Christian art would choose one with the same connotations that the word Vandal has for us today.

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