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Read More You ever wonder why the gods would make palliatives like opium poppies and alcoholic fermentation quite so double-edged?

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When a ginger guy is pissed at you, you will know about it. That fiery red hair and porcelain skin only accentuates their stunning blue/green/gold eyes.

They are passionate and feisty people in all aspects of life, and what’s hotter than that?

But despite all that hardship, there’s a reason why notorious "ladies man" Mick Hucknall, the flame-haired front man of early '90s soul legends group Simply Red, was able to bag the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones and Helena Christensen.

They know who they are and aren’t about to let a few sh*tty put-downs change that.

My advice is to get something small, but don't go too overboard.

You don't want to seem needy, yet you don't want to seem insensitive.Read More We are pleased to announce that one of our own, Duane Norman, has founded his own site, Free Market Shooter!Congratulations Duane, we hope you will continue to expose the mainstream media lies for...However, when I saw his words of caution I already knew my clam had no H in it, so I informed Young Money his STD woes were for the other hos. In Silicon Valley, there are many hot virgin babes who somehow swerved the D all the way into their late 20s. If you've just started dating someone, the holidays can be a little awkward.Read More On Friday January 20th, Donald Trump will take office as President of the United States, replacing Barack Obama.

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