Drug chat sex

I told him it might be dangerous, but he said it was all right.

He asked if I would like to try one to see and after a short pause I decided to try it.

Drug chat sex

This morning I had gone out there to pick a few tomatoes, our neighbor was out, smoking.

He was standing by the fence exhaling cloudy puffs of smoke.

I had never smoked in my life but I was curious what it would be like to smoke it, so I asked him what he was smoking.

He surprised me by telling me he was smoking a joint.

I moaned him again to fuck me and he got between my legs, put the head of his cock in my pussy, and pushed his magnificent beast in me to his balls.

I went wild, wrapped my legs around him and kept mumbling: “Fuck me hard, stud, fuck me fucking hard! When I felt a storm of delight, for the first time in my life, I squirted cum.

This babe meets a really bag guy who gets her hooked up on smoking drugs, now he can do whatever he wants with her sluttish pussy…

I used to be an average housewife, husband, family, a big house with a white fence wooden fence and some kind of boring life.

The next morning he was out there again, so I went out, he saluted me.

We sat into his garden chairs again, smoking and talking until lunch, which I made again.

He laughed, told me to smoke again, and after what it seemed to be a long time, I smoked his whole joint and was feeling relaxed. I found out his wife had left him a couple of years ago and he had no idea where the hell she was. We were both hungry at that point, so I invited him in to my house and made lunch for both of us.

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