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Yeah dated someone that drank daily, on a slow day it was 6. Because after beer 5, he was nasty, mean mouthed, and flipped out over anything, you never knew what it was going to be.

He has a great paying job, and doesn't wake up with a hang over. He paid his bills, generally didn't drive when he had more than 3 beers, and as for functional, well he breathed, took a daily dump, ironed his clothes, got the garbage out before it spilled onto the floor and was a really great cook... He didn't have minor health problems, but come about the age of 50 plus I imagine his liver is going to crap out, then it is game over, people can't live without a liver...

I'm not much of drinker (a couple of times a year maybe) and seeing or being around people who drink, or need to drink, is a turn off to me. I'm not a drinker either, and don't like being around people that feel the need to imbibe. I use to drink in my younger days, and walked away from it a long time ago. SARLI was married to a man for 14 years who drank beer on a daily basis, held down a job, paid the bills, and was generally a functioning human being.

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She could turn on a dime from being a nice person to a mean/abusive person.

Life with someone like that is very stressful and personally I would get out of it ASAP.

Hope this helps Well there is something to be said of caffeine, nicotine, carbs, alcohol, narcotics - seems as though any substance or behavior can be "abused".

Is daily beer consumption worse than daily coffee comsumption?

Most other common criteria are tolerance, meaning it takes a lot to get buzzed and stay buzzed.

This is because of elevated liver enzymes when other organs of the body send their enzymes to the liver to help get rid of the heavy alcohol being ingested.It doesn't matter if it's someone that plays golf to the degree the he neglects quality time with their family or some one that chooses to have beer every evening and it causes negative side effects. Physical problems abound for alcoholics although they may try to minimize them at times.This is exactly why I don't listen as much as I watch what people do. And it doesn't matter if it's only only one or two beers or drinks a day, the answer would still be no. For more information I suggest you google and read the Friends and Family forum board to learn from the experiences of people who have BTDT and run if they sense alcoholism/addiction in a potential partner.Why, because the total nasty mean factor was not fun, and I tried to tell myself it wasn't to bad for three years with the other guy...Yes drinking of any alcohol everyday would be considered substance abuse.My daughters suffered so much from the emotional abandonment.great question.

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