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Let's face it: the world doesn't need another "Relationship Guru" or "Pickup Artist" dishing out cookie cutter dating advice.

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Alpha Male Activator is a brainwave entrainment program built by the Silicon Valley based Activator Tech, Inc especially for Derek Rake's clients.

Engineered by Aaron Allman, these high definition audio tracks boost confidence and charisma levels through brainwave synchronization and subliminal messaging.

A collection of the latest breakthroughs in Shogun Method™, with enhancements to classic Implanted Commands and two "Booster" tactics that make your delivery of the Black Rose Sequence more effective.

The Black Book series is strictly for advanced Shogun Method™ users only.

The Dark Rapport program will help you build intense, deep rapport with a woman in the shortest time possible.

Use our proprietary "VAKSOG" technique to eliminate Friend Zone problems and transition from "Rapport" to "Attract" stage effortlessly.Shogun Sequences Over Text is a collection of five Shogun Sequences which have been tweaked to be delivered over text messages.Each Sequence comes in ready-to-text format with detailed annotation and tactical commentary for best results. is Derek Rake's flagship "natural game" course, covering the complete attraction process from start till finish.Seduction On Steroids is the world's first Attraction Roadmap, outlining the 10 steps that a typical male takes to attract a woman from start till finish.It gives you a logical, step-by-step method to get you to the woman of your dreams using a potent combination of Derek Rake's tactics.With the Barnum Manuscript, you'll arm yourself with the most persuasive manipulation technique in the world!

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