Dominant and submission dating slovenia dating love site slovenia

When you walk with her, grab her hand and lead her.If you walk on the side of the street, it’s your duty as the dominant figure to position yourself on the side of the passing car in order to protect her.

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Before you go on and explore this article in detail, please read “How to be dominant with women, Part 1” first.

Stand straight, shoulders back and head high, read “Badass body language” for more details on this.

I know that’s how mainstream society portray a good lover, but that is also called being submissive in bed!

As a dominant, you ravish her in order to satisfy your own sexual desire, and she will take her pleasure from being sexually at your mercy, and if by the way there is a position or something you crave to do that happens to give her orgasm, well why not?

It is also very important because it is with sex that most women take control and make their beta-male boyfriend their little puppet.

Let’s be clear here: you don’t need to win point with her in the daily life in order to fulfil your sexual need. Any attempt of gaining control or conditioning your behaviours by controlling the amount of sex you have is a severe and punishable transgression. If she is a little tired or sore from last night, she can always give you oral sex.

Women don’t always get turn on instantly, starting the play in advance is a fun way to communicate her where things are going.

Once it’s time to get busy, there is one important thing you should understand: your goal is not to make her come first 16 times with 10 different crazy sex-ninja techniques, and once you are totally exhausted, and have muscle pain in the forearm, neck and tongue have your 2 minutes of glory.

That being said, sometimes it is normal that she doesn’t feel like having sex, because of stress, tiredness, period, sickness, fluctuating hormone levels, etc. It is an easy and practical alternative that should be rewarded obviously.

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