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Film Cup will address conferences from the development of scripts, study cases, financing and distributing of different genres and different media.A screening of an Italian Author will be shown to the public during this week.

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Thanks to their high capacity, our counterbalances easily handle very heavy loads weighing up to nine tons.

Our range of counterbalances includes electric models and forklifts equipped with combustion engines.

Unlike trucks with combustion engines, the tow tractors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The robust construction, spring-loaded wheels and super-elastic drive wheel ensure optimum traction both on smooth industrial floors and in outside areas.

Our electric tow tractors and tow trains enable efficient transport of loads weighing up to 28 tons in indoor and outdoor areas.

The innovative 3-phase AC technology not only produces zero emissions and minimal noise, but also makes these trucks maintenance-free, powerful and very compact.

It also has a positive impact on handling and performance.

Rapid changes in direction are possible without the usual delay in response.

Be it a compact electric model or a heavy duty counterbalance with a powerful combustion engine – you simply cannot go wrong with our efficient forklift trucks.

Are you looking for a product that combines powerful performance with high cost-effectiveness? They are extremely manoeuvrable and transport your goods with the utmost reliability, both indoors and outdoors.

You can employ both standard couplings (such as plug couplings) and modified couplings.

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