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But, I did notice a few people that I had actually met in real life on the app (which happens far less on Tinder because of the density of the population on there), so that was a bit awkward.

I didn’t find very much success, but a gal pal of mine who jumped in at about the same time as I did is now dating a lovely gentleman.

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I guess that means people think it’s for more serious daters. I also now have some bitter-theories about the kind of guy who goes on an app that makes ladies do most of the work – but I won’t go there. Have fun beautiful people…this app probably works wonders for you.

This is pretty true in my experience, it seems that most people I’ve matched with and chatted with are genuinely interested in finding something a little less casual and more on the “headed toward a relationship” spectrum. And I will say, that CMB is really great at sending reminders to chat with people (your matches expire after a week – which is helpful! They try really hard to foster good matches, and sometimes they even throw in a bonus “bagel” which is a fun surprise. Literally the only person who ended up responding to me was a family friend who I call my cousin. This is my least favorite of all the apps I’ve tried.

First things first, I do not like it when people say “online dating” when they mean “app dating.” When I think of online dating, I think of traditional sites such as e Harmony (tried it, no luck) or Match (tried it, no luck) or Christian Mingle (refuse to link this just like I refuse to try it. I remember the first time I heard about Tinder (which I believe was the first of it’s kind as far as the “swiping” platform goes).

Perhaps this is why God is withholding my soulmate? App dating is when the only platform you have to interact with is on your cellphone, and usually involves some form of swiping or tapping (I need to save that setup for a future dirty joke). It was at a Bachelor night at a friends house, and she had already been on a few Tinder dates.

I was in a pretty bad spot towards the end of the year, so I signed off the apps until the New Year and gave myself a break.

I’ll spare you the rundown of all the horrible and hilarious dates I’ve been on, because that’s not the point of this post.

It was a slow burn, and I collected lots of matches who said nothing to me (after I’d made it clear in some adorable and clever way on my profile that I don’t send the first message…), so I was almost ready to give up again. But, then I met someone I actually clicked with on Tinder and we started officially dating, so I signed off all the apps and settled down.

But then, I received non-sexually harassing messages! When that little tryst ended, I was a little hurt and jaded about the whole thing, so I gave it a rest for the summer.

Anyway – my first bout with Tinder was pretty similar to most gals – lots of naughty messages from very peculiar men who wanted to show me parts of their body I has less than ZERO interest in seeing. However, it did feel quite nice to “swipe right” on someone and land myself a match! But after a few days worth of Tinder Nightmare worthy messages I deleted it. There was a stigma around Tinder/app dating, and some people considered it the “hookup app.” Obviously you can choose the way you want to use any dating app. But, as evidenced by the TEN (yes, TEN) people I know who met their completely normal and awesome significant other on Tinder, you can also use it as a way to find a healthy and great relationship.

A few months later though, I decided to give it another shot. Then a few more apps started popping up…Hinge (matched only with people in your social network) and Bumble (women send the first message) are two that I jumped on for a bit.

This app has the niche of being the app that connected you based on mutual friend.

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