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If God is in the details, I now need him to look at Suzy’s zipper. Many of the creative Talon brands / logos had a square-ish script design and “Pull Tab” design but of the hundreds of Talon photos I reviewed, none had the exact style of logo as shown in your “Bottom Stop” photo.However, photos of vintage period “Bottom Stops” are difficult to find.Now, if you are looking for something specific and lack the time to search awhile, Etsy is your best bet to find the vintage garment you seek.

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Having my two favorite guys helping me get my life together made me feel grateful.

It also reminded me of the times when I felt so alone.

Usually, vintage refers to any clothing that is twenty years or older.

Therefore, your dress from 1995 now counts as vintage. You must have somewhat of a ‘vintage eye’ to decipher the difference between one dreaded 80’s secretary blouse from another coveted 80’s secretary blouse.

If you are on the hunt for true vintage (versus vintage inspired or reproduced), then you must ALWAYS check the tag. It is a good sign if the tag is old or worn but this is not always your most reliable clue.

This is a shot of the original un touched top off Bill Macks killer sportsman. Like an idiot, I only photographed the tail end not the pull tab.. For those of you following the story on Suzy’s need to put a top on her. When we got the top we only could find the metal bars. We are also redoing the top in the original style canvas. to add to the mayhem, fellow CCABC member Reg Down did his usual over research on Zippers. As shown in the below photos, almost all metal zipper manufacturers since the advent of the zipper have developed a creative brand / logo which was shown on the zipper “Pull Tab” but not always shown on the zipper “Bottom Stop” which you have included in your original photo (above).

Neil Patrick Harris bought the brownstone next door to me right before lease renewals came, sooo my rent is going up, and I’m moving out.

The timing could not have been worse, this is the first week of #PSPfit and choosing a busy time to do a stressful thing is a recipe for disaster, but this time things are different.

My family was on the other side of the country and I felt like I everyone was growing up and suddenly instead of being a big group of us navigating the city together, my friends were all coupled off and doing things with their significant others.

This started happening to me when I wasn’t dating anyone and it was a lonely feeling.

There are certain things that make me feel super single.

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