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To my mind, meeting a man with MS seemed similar to meeting someone who shares the same interests one might have such as golf or wine-tasting.But just because you share something in common doesn’t mean you have the chemistry necessary to become a couple.I have been making the acquaintance of able-bodied men, and the challenges I’ve faced are pretty much the same as those I experienced as a single able-bodied woman prior to developing MS at age 41.

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I cannot, in all fairness, begrudge any able-bodied man his preferences, including not wanting to get involved with a chronically ill woman. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t; every time he bent down to embrace me he had to fold himself over like a French pastry.

He was so big and powerful that his hugs squeezed the breath out of me and knocked me off balance.

Our able-bodied counterparts simply haven’t been challenged like we’ve been; we disabled have been forced to strip away much of the baggage and attend to the basics of living, keeping close to us the people who nourish us and letting go of those who drain our energy and spirit.

At one point, Jake told me he had dated a woman with MS for two years. Privately I thought more about why she couldn’t take a Zen approach and why he might favor acceptance over hope and longing.

Send unlimited messages, drop into our live chat rooms, or for those who just like to look, and see what happens, then go right ahead and do as you please.

We all know the hotspots for meeting people in and around Jackson, but after a while, the same routine becomes a little cumbersome.I’ll call him Jake, though that is not his real name. He was genuine, appreciative, discreet, upbeat, smart and funny.And he was fearless, unlike the fit, able gents I’d been wrangling with on other sites that were uncomfortable with the notion of even talking to me on the phone. We met for lunch at my favorite Lebanese restaurant.And I had to crane my neck to look up at him, which aggravated my herniated cervical disc. So I will not abandon my preference for shorter men.I might be passing up a really nice fella that way, but at least it’ll keep me out of traction.The online dating space is as diverse as the people who use it.

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