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On the podcast, Rooks has interviewed celebrities such as Meek Mill and Dwyane Wade. There are so many mediocre things in the world, don't let the things or people you love fall into that category.In celebration of her 26th birthday last week, Rooks shared a message with her Instagram followers."So many things have manifested in my life this year and I'm honestly just thankful," she wrote. And you don’t have to wait for someone to like you back to send them a message.

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"Thankful to my family, my friends, and to every single one of YOU.

My birthday wish for all of us is to continue to live passionately.

The high success rate (and rave reviews from users) stem from a thoughtful online dating experience in which detailed profiles identify interests like fitness, spirituality, dietary preferences, and more.

(So if you’re looking for a fellow vegan who’d be down to join your Sunday morning yoga sesh, you totally can).

By adding his Christian names to the viscountcy granted to his father, John Julius Cooper became John Julius Norwich, which sounded less stuffy, but meant he retained his seat in the House of Lords.

An incurable optimist, he had other fixed ideas, such as “Always push the boat out”, and “When in doubt, say yes”.

Grab your phone (obviously—it’s almost 2018) and download Meet Mindful, the app that’s seriously changing the dating game with its innovative new approach to healthy relationships.

Now you’re thinking, ‘Come on, all dating apps claim to be the best at connecting you with people you’ll actually like IRL.

actor and the 26-year-old host were reportedly spotted at Kevin Hart's comedy show in Atlantic City over Memorial Day weekend.

This couple news comes just over a year after Williams announced his split from wife Aryn Drake-Lee after about five years of marriage.

He was an all-rounder, socially and intellectually.

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