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Even the best cymbals will be worthless if they’ve been badly treated, so make sure you know the warning signs.

With this in mind, I’ve written this article covering the important stuff, the not-so-important stuff, and some extra tips along the way.

You can slowly upgrade and expand your cymbal collection once you’re ready.

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For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to buy used cymbals rather than new ones.

This used cymbals buying guide follows on from our huge guide to buying used drums – make sure you read this if you’re buying used drum gear.

This should give you an idea of whether it’s a high-end used cymbal, or a cheaper one.

Take your time when shopping, sometimes it can take a while for your perfect cymbal to appear.

When you’re buying used cymbals, make sure you pay close attention to the things listed below.

These will directly affect a cymbal’s usability, sound, and lifespan…Regardless of what you’re shopping for, make sure you check those used cymbals for problems… Like with drums, you’ll find a lot of used cymbals online with craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree, Facebook musician groups, and e Bay.If you live in a smaller town, widen your search to the nearest city (if you’re willing to travel).The great thing is, you can save a of money at all price ranges buying used cymbals vs. For a beginner setup or a cheap practice kit, it usually makes sense to buy lower quality cymbals.With these, you can spend time working on your technique, and learning what kind of sounds you want (and don’t want).If a used cymbal has any of these problems, you’ll want to rethink whether you buy it (and how much you’ll pay for it). Especially if the cracks are big ones, or they’re in bad areas.

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