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Kirkeby was grouped with the German Neo-Expressionist painters less because of his style — he shared little of their figurative concerns, for one thing — than by association. Kirkeby at his Cologne gallery in 1974, had given prominent German Neo-Expressionist artists like Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorff.

and Markus Lüpertz their first shows in his Berlin gallery in the 1960s and remained their foremost representative and advocate. Kirkeby didn’t mind the affiliation, saying he enjoyed the outsider status.

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He thought his success had been limited, he once said, because “my work was not punchy enough.”Per Kirkeby Christensen was born in Copenhagen on Sept.

1, 1938, the oldest of three children of Alfred Kirkeby Christensen, a civil engineer, and the former Lucy Nisbeth Bertelsen.

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He started painting as a child and soon decided to be an artist. Kirkeby, who dropped his family name as a young man, said that when he discovered the work of Jackson Pollock in high school, “I was furious that no one had told me about this before.”But as he prepared for college, he chose to study geology at the University of Copenhagen instead of art, concluding that the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen was not progressive.

As a geology student, from 1957 to 1964, he participated in expeditions to Greenland, Central America and the Arctic that left a lasting impression on his artistic sensibility.

In 1965 he had his first solo show at the Free, a Copenhagen exhibition space dating from the 19th century. Kirkeby made paintings and drawings, and in the 1970s they became a more central focus.

He also managed to write and direct five films in this decade, including “The Deer Garden: The Romantic Forest” (1970), a short documentary portraying the four seasons in the Dyrehaven, a forest park north of Copenhagen (Jorgen Leth was co-writer and co-director). He was the oldest of three children, not an only child.

And toward the decade’s end, he turned to making bronze sculpture. Kirkeby represented Denmark at the Venice Biennale in 1976 and again in 1980, this time in a two-person show with the Danish sculptor Bjorn Norgaard. Kirkeby had his first stroke, which damaged his ability to see color, in 2010.

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