Dating mccoy pottery marks

The design is leaves and berries and the color is matte white.Planter measures 6 1/4” diameter and 4 3/4” tall, has 3 production holes for hanging and also has 3 little “feet” so it could also be used as a free standing planter. Click Here to see over 9,000 Mc Coy Pottery items at e Bay!

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In 1950, a fire destroyed the plant but just six months later they were up and running again. In 1985, the company was sold again to Designer Accents.

The pottery was marketed as Nelson Mc Coy Ceramics until they closed down for good in 1990.

The best places to buy Mc Coy Pottery online is Just Art Pottery Store at or e Bay. Clemens Pottery – after 1967 LCC – after 1974 for Lancaster Colony Corp.

Mc Coy's Butterfly Line is definitely one of their prettiest pottery lines -- this listing has the large fernery planter! It measures 3 1/4" tall, 8 1/4" long, and 3 1/2" wide.

Click for details This is a beautiful item from Mc Coy's Starburst Line of 1968! Planter is in excellent condition -- no chips, no cracks, no crazing -- looks new and unused!

It is the footed planter/flower arranger and is white with black "starbursts". Made in 1948, this Mc Coy planter is shaped like 2 little ducklings with their newly vacated egg homes!

Click for details This is a beautiful planter from Mc Coy's Corinthian Line! Planter is in a beautiful matte white color and is marked on bottom: 2003, USA.

Planter has some small dark spots on interior bottom that appear to be production as they are under the glaze.

In 1909, George Brush became general manager of the pottery. They joined other stoneware companies and formed the American Clay Products Company (APCP), until it was liquidated in 1926.

In 1911, they merged with two other potteries forming the Brush-Mc Coy Pottery Company.

Planter is in a very pretty yellow color with a shiny over-glaze.

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