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The gravity of nearby objects affects not only which direction you’re going to take, but in a very literal sense gravity warps space itself affecting which direction you Nothing can ignore gravity, not even light.

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Every closed system in the universe is directed by gravity — even your love life.

Below are a few examples of typical celestial orbits.

If you find your binary star, thank your lucky…well…stars and do everything you can to orbit as close to the values, interests, and mutual attraction that captured you both in the first place.

There’s nothing wrong with an alpha and a beta partnership.

It’s called the Inverse-square Law and sounds a lot like long-distance relationships.

The main takeaway is this: The bigger you are, and the closer you are, the more gravitational force you have. The chair you’re sitting on exerts the same type of gravitational force on you as the center of the Earth does.

I’m in a new relationship for the first time in a few years, and it’s going really well.

And like most people that find themselves in an exciting new romantic tryst, I’ve been thinking about gravity a lot.

However, it’s naive to say that a healthy romantic relationship affects both people equally.

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