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How do you plan to respond to these policy changes personally and professionally? Using creativity as an outlet and trying to take my music as far as I can — and, of course, have fun and enjoy life.

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I have a master class coming up at the University of Michigan, and we want to keep touring.

I don’t know how we’re going to manage, but we hope to return soon.

It has always been hard to have access to American music in Cuba. We have access to Internet now, but it’s still very complicated.

When I first began studying, it was a time when we had no Internet. Whenever a musician travelled they’d come back with music on a tape. So the process remains; except for that I am the one traveling now.

Since diplomatic relations broke off between the United States and Cuba in 1961, musical exchange between both countries has been largely left, outside of tours, to the underground.

Yissy García remembers her father, Bernardo García — a co-founder of Irakere, one of the most iconic bands in the history of Cuban music — sharing cassette tapes full of artists like Herbie Hancock after he would toured the U. These treasured souvenirs shaped her musical foundation — and the methods of sharing music haven’t changed much since, either. The band’s manager, Yoana Grass, says the single’s release has been a long and challenging process.

This barrier between the United States and Cuba — how has it influenced your creative process? The barrier only makes us stronger, and gives us more drive to break through it, find our way around it and push forward. We all think that they are musically extremely powerful places and a lot of collaborations between both countries have shown us this. If the doors were wide open it would be easier, but then there is a chance that we simply wouldn’t work as hard as we do now. What does it feel like to be a Cuban artist in the Trump era? Honestly it’s the Cuban people that have to suffer the consequences of these policy changes. Trump’s new policies have closed off a lot of opportunity for Cubans to leave the island.

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