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This was why the United Kingdom dictated the rhythm of progress to the rest of Europe from 1750 onwards for the next century or so.

The first spinning frames were created on the British Isles.

Some of these were Marxist orientated others demanded fundamental social reforms.

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By contrast, although the countries on the edge of the continent – Spain, Greece and the Balkan countries – were able to increase their exports of agrarian products and raw materials, they continued to lag behind in industrial production for many years.

In Germany new methods of production developed very late because the country was divided up into so many small states.

Women were expected to work just as hard for less pay, especially in the collieries and textile factories. The workers lived in constant fear of unemployment and hunger.

Their desperation often exploded into bloody acts of rebellion.

At the same time governments began to relax their control of workers' organisations.

Even when strikes still led to bloody conflicts with government authorities, trades unions were legally allowed in many countries.

Nevertheless after the customs union of 1834 productive heavy industries developed in the mining regions of upper Silesia, in the Saarland and the Ruhrgebiet.

At the same time the building of the railways gave a decisive boost to expanding steel production and mechanical engineering.

Workers poured into the new industrial centres and in a few years villages exploded into major cities: here the masses were forced to live under appalling conditions in crowded slums and damp cellars.

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