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The district’s goal is to burn approximately 100 acres every year. We have to meet numerous weather and other parameters in order to conduct a burn.

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Only in rare instances will the Court allow an extension of time in which to pay the fine.

If you choose to pay your fine without seeing a judge, you may pay by cash, cashier's check, money order, personal check or credit card (either at the Court or see below).

One-acre lakeshore lots originally fetched $12,000 to $15,000; today you couldn't buy the same land for less than several million.

The suppression of natural fires starting in the late 1800’s has led to an accumulation of woody fuels including shrubs, small trees, and dead fuels lying on the ground which pose a high fire risk.

Where feasible, mechanical thinning involving heavy equipment is used to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Prescribed burning is an additional step to manual treatment.

Incline Health Center provides convenient access to excellent care for Primary, Pediatric, Cardiology and Internal Medicine health services.

Our providers offer high quality medical care to our residents, right here in our community. Incline Village Community Hospital, second floor 880 Alder Ave., Incline Village Complimentary parking provided in the main parking lot outside the hospital.

In some areas we burn the ground fuels after manual treatment has taken place.

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