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A muddied industry: Growth, injuries, & legal issues associated with mud runs- Part I.

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What is appropriate signage for the sport industry Journal of Legal Aspects of Sports.

Pitching women’s tennis to corporate sponsors: A case study of Pilot Pen Tennis.

ICFAI Books , ICFAI University (from article written in ICFAI’s September 2008 issue of Chartered Financial Analyst) In Press.

Second Edition, Durham, NC, Carolina Academic Press.

Don’t sit there…or there.there: An analysis of ball park protection and foul ball injury risks.

Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management (JCSSM) 2 (2). A member of the University of New Haven faculty since 1999 and chair of the Sport Management department since 2013, he regularly analyzes security plans for large venues and speaks to the national media on stadium safety for some of the world’s biggest sporting events, including the Super Bowl. Widely published, he has written or co-written 10 textbooks. He co-authored , the first textbook to explore the impact of analytics across sports organizations. The legal implications of obstacle racing and suggested risk management strategies. Professor Fried has written more than 140 articles as well as numerous book chapters and resource materials for the International Association of Venue Managers’ Academy for Venue Safety and Security. He co-authored “A Muddied Industry: Essential Risk Management Strategies for Mud Run Participants, Race Organizers, and Sponsors,” which appeared in the include “How Safe Are Parking Facilities near Sporting Facilities? ” In his current research, Professor Fried is collaborating with a physicist to determine how much distance should be between fans and players sitting courtside at a basketball arena. She also chaired Ed Koch’s mayoral campaign in New York.

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