Dating gibon pickups

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Put a Strat-style pickup on an SG, or coil-split an SG’s humbucker, and it will sound like an SG with a single- coil pickup, not anything very close to a Fender Stratocaster.

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Whether your guitar is hardtail or vibrato-loaded, set-neck or bolt-on, humbucker or single-coil, its scale length infl uences the character of its sound before any other components even get to join in the game.

The scale, which basically equates to the distance between the nut and bridge saddles, determines where the strings’ overtones or harmonics occur (and how tightly packed they are), and therefore literally determines the voice of the guitar in the most fundamental way.

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The inherent tonal character of different scale lengths is the main reason that it’s very difficult to “fake” one major maker’s tone with the guitar of another.

Since Gibson largely uses the 24.75" (actually closer to 24.6") and Fender 25.5", we tend to associate these “sounds” with those classic makers.

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