Dating depression and dirtbags a love story

But because they had 2 women working the morning shift & the males part of the gym was being neglected everyone’s shift had to be rearranged, this is now my 3rd shift change in the short time i was there & again i was ok with it. My pay remand at 16 an hour cause by law under the ESA they couldn’t put me back down to 14 an hour & to make a long story short I feel like this is the real reason they let me go.The operations manager, Jackie lied about it being my attendance & she used my personal family issue (my sons upcoming surgery) as a reason to let me go & that’s not right.

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Answer 1: The phone number for LA Fitness is (949) 255-7200. We left the desk briefly and I asked about locking up my keys and was told by the trainer it was safe to leave them there. The personal trainer called the next day to apologize and see it I wanted to sign up.

When we returned the thief was sitting at his desk. I have not received a single word from management at that store, which is appalling.

In 2000, the company acquired one of the largest fitness chains in Atlanta and converted 25 locations into 14 larger gyms.

In 2007, the company expanded into Canada by acquiring 7 gyms in Toronto.

In 2012, they acquired 33 gyms from Lifestyle Family Fitness in Florida.

In 2013, the company The Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs in Western New York.

The message is clear that LA Fitness doesn’t care about its customers, just the money. I am rebuilding my life from the ground up and feel vulnerable. I’m apprehensive about my credit card on your site.

I posted it on a a neighborhood website and I got about 30 responses about others who experienced losses there and no concern from management. I wanted to pay for the whole year but was told I could not!!!! I’m 75 years old and think we deserve a little consideration.

This club doesn’t want my business so I left and joined planet fitness. As of this date, June 2, 2018 the fee for my monthly membership and my trainer fee is still being deducted from my checking account. I have since developed some real breathing problems. if you like it to be private you walk up to the person and that you would like to talk to 1 R 2 people.. But she did call me a raciest and did bring up Trump . After 5 mins But it did go on for 10 mins wish I had got it all sometime you need to record what going on .. Guess because she was a employee was going to have me removed so she did get a employee he came in there so there was bulling # 2 then after class did start she was doing selfish pictures I was in because could see myself guess to should all her friends in the gym that I know a lot of them to as the Raciest witch that part starts around 145 min ..

after class did start about 20 mins into she had to go and complain more about me to management..

still I do not back down this is not different them Starbucks last week ..

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