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I have met several wonderful men over the years on that site and others. Out relationship ultimately ended but we are still great friends.

Recently, while recovering from a back injury and feeling somewhat sorry for myself, I got several matches and started communicating with several potential dates.

e Harmony_Consumer_Complaints after subscribing for three months and not finding the service useful at all, i just decided to let my subscription lapse when the three months were up.

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I immediately called customer service and was told it is their policy to not refund money for automatic renewals.

I asked to speak to a manager who, after I let him speak, and then I spoke.

They said they are protecting me by not disclosing the truth of me no longer being a member. I went searching on the net...didn't find his name but hmmmm...there was a Green Scott listed on a scammer's website with his same phone number in the same city..this guy too signed off by saying "Cheers" or "regards" all the time.

You'd think they'd kinda learn to vary small details like that.

According to the man whose identity he has stolen, at least 30 women have called him to check the identity. Do you not have access to any form of mass communication? "Log on today and review your matches for free." And that's all you get to do for free. You don't have that many fingers and toes to count them on. Try googling '100% free no credit card inline dating' and see what happens.

This man is very smooth and has an answer for everything. e Harmony_Consumer_Complaints I just sat here and read this entire page. (Obviously you do, you're here.) Then why are you wasting your time and money on one of the biggest scams known to mankind, namely e Harmony? And the good part is at least the guys on those sites are smart enough not to waste their money on e Harmony.

after I finished telling him my dilemma, he became immediately defensive and accused me of not letting him speak and also offered to have someone send me an email from eharmony.

I asked if there would be any possibility of a refund, he said simply ,"NO." The most unfair part is that I have been charged for a service that I have not and will not use.

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