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For those that don’t know me, I am from New Zealand and my wife is Chilean.

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Another aspect of Chilean culture and Chilean men is the difficulty of creating and maintaining relationships between males and females.

I have been told repeatedly by Chileans (both male and female) that friendships between men and women are impossible because there is always sexual tension and that the basis of any friendship is always one side wanting more.

He complains at how both sexes are shuffled off into their own boxes and not free to explore specific themes. Other blogs that are participating (): Kyle: Chilean Men Heather: Chilean Men Emily: Group post: Chilean Men Tamsin (Chilean men’s complete devotion to the female species) Tyffanie: Chilean Men Katina (style and male sex symbols) Mandy (Chilean men compared to U. men) Leigh (having friendships with Chilean men) Shannon (Chilean male drivers) Meredith (Chilean men’s intense need to be in a relationship) Lydia (a completely spot on list of generalizations about Chileans) Jessica (guy love in the Chilean form) Rita, aka Kyle’s mom (her impression of S.

Girls are not supposed to play sports or ask boys out.

Once I did meet her, I also met others as she seems to be the queen bee of Gringas married to Chileans online.

Anyway, this week Kyle decided, via a suggestion from Heather, that we should all do posts on the same topic on the same day. To tell the truth, I am not sure what to say about this topic.

Yes, I will also include the “Don’t try this at home!

” warning in case someone wants to rush off to the church and then finds out it didn’t happen the same way.

After the second time, he sent the following text (or something very similar): The sense of entitlement was infuriating.

I had done nothing to lead him on and yet he oozed a macho attitude that claimed I owed him something.

Slowly I have been meeting Chilean bloggers that I really like, people who have something in common with me.

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