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From 1 July 2018, the national minimum wage will increase in Australia on 1 July 2018 by 3.5% The new national minimum wage is 9.20 per week, for a 38-hour week, or .93 per hour.

The increase applies from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2018, for employees on the national minimum wage or a modern award.

Learn more about the changes to the casual & part-time entitlements award rates.

Dating country of origin law

If you employ 20 or more employees, you will report to the ATO each time you pay your employees.

The information you need send to the ATO includes your employees' salaries and wages, allowances, deductions (for example, workplace giving) and other payments, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and superannuation.

Find out more about ingredient lists – Food Standards Australia NZ website The 3 digit codes in the ingredient list are unique international identification numbers for food additives.

Food additives are natural or synthetic chemicals added during manufacture to extend the product's shelf life, or make the product more appealing.

Head to the ATO website to get ready for the Single Touch Payroll.

From 1 July 2018, if your business grows, produces, manufactures, distributes, imports or sells food in retail stores in Australia, you will need to comply with the new Country of Origin Labelling laws.If the breach is likely to cause serious harm to an individual, businesses are obligated to notify both the individual involved, and the Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).Read more about the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme.Alcoholic beverages (including kits for producing them) also don't require a NIP.A NIP is also required when there are nutrition content claims or health claims made about the product.Advisory statements (different to warning statements) are required on some foods that: When a complete label is not required (for example, on takeaway food), if the food contains common allergens or substances that require an advisory or warning statement, the information must be displayed alongside the food, or be available if you ask for it.

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