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“[It's] an interesting word, ‘rumor.’ You know, I’ve been in the business – next May I’ll be 60 years – and I’ve dealt with rumors a long time, interviewed people involved with rumors. And I tell you the truth: I don’t pay any attention to them,” Larry says in the clip.

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The tall man stood there, no umbrella, no overcoat.

He was soaked right through, his shirt and pants melted to his skin. There was not fear or hatred or sympathy in his look as he eyed her through the walls of water.

It was a role she handled with charm, dignity, and the necessary elements of both humor and cunning.

While it was true that the president of the United States was the world’s ultimate juggler of tasks, it was also a fact that the First Lady, traditionally, was no slouch in that department either.

She selected a window in the back of the building instead of break­ing in the front door. She popped the swivel latch, slid up the window, and wriggled through. As each fresh piece of paper was catapulted into the catch bin her heart rate seemed to increase by the same single-digit measure. Yet those six letters had always seemed to define her, breaking her down into some simple formula that still no one seemed capable of understanding. A spear of lightning was followed by a long burp of thunder. Such violence could not be sustained for long; it used up too much energy far too fast. She cut the engine, picked up the pages, ripped off the rubber band, and started to read. She coughed and then hacked, but that only made it worse.

The motion detector was handled with ease; she was hum­ming as she did it. She was getting close to it, what she was here for. She put the original file back in the drawer, popped a rubber band around her copy, and held it in both hands. The SUV idled, kicking carbon into an atmosphere already bloated with it. She could see people start to pick up their step as they sensed the approaching downpour. The swells of saliva had solidi­fied in her mouth, just like they had when she’d nearly killed herself on the water rowing to an Olympic silver medal that meant less and less to her with each passing day.There was security of course, but it was basic, not the best. Later, good old Horatio had hypnotized her, taking her back to her childhood, as any shrink worth his sheepskin in­variably does. The only problem was that Horatio had decided not to fill her in on what she’d told him. She slid the pages in the feeder and hit the button. On the fifth page of typed notes, her hands began to tremble.A typical package, it would slow down a journeyman for a few minutes, a pro for much less. One by one the events of her life whooshed through the heart of the Xerox ma­chine. The heading was “Childhood-Tennessee.” She swallowed once and then again, but couldn’t clear the dryness.It was, she finally concluded, an underlying sadness that easily matched her own despair.She turned the key, put the SUV in drive, and hit the gas.The hundred-and-thirty-acre property was rustic and had many outdoor pursuits, including tennis courts, hiking trails, and exactly one practice hole for presidential golfers. A dozen kids were in attendance along with ap­propriate chaperones.

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