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And if it takes TOO LONG, she's going to find it creepy that you're looking and not doing something.

The second you see an attractive woman, your mind is going to try to stop you from going over to meet her.

One of the best ways you can make a woman feel cherished and appreciated is simply to use more eye contact.

Just look from eye to eye, and occasionally let your eyes stray down to her lips - or to her hair.

So what we're going to discuss today are my three hottest bits of dating advice for men that will expose the mistakes men make when trying to flirt with women.

If there's any dating advice for men that stands the test of time, it's this one.It's like walking onto a used car lot, and after only 2 minutes of small talk, the salesman asks you to come in and fill out the paperwork. Even on the phone, you don't want to jump in too far, too fast.Remember that a man represents a whole bunch of "what ifs" to a woman, and your goal is to not start dancing in the minefield of her anxieties and blow things up.Women are estimating your confidence level based on how long you wait until you approach.The longer it takes, the more interest and attraction she loses for you.Guys often make the mistake of being a bit too direct when they talk with women.

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