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You can learn a lot about giving good talks by thinking about what makes bad talks bad.) Try to ask one question at as many seminars as possible, either during the talk, or privately afterwards.The act of trying to formulating an interesting question (for you, not the speaker!General advice (which would apply particularly to my own students) Think actively about the creative process. Older graduate students will verify that there is a high correlation between those students who are doing the broadest and deepest work and those who are regularly attending seminars.

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Dating a graduate student as undergrad

Think explicitly about the process, and talk about it (with me, and with others). But in order to know everything needed to tackle an important problem on the frontier of human knowledge, one would have to spend years reading many books and articles. Being broad is a good way of learning to develop interesting questions. just go to seminars that you think are directly related to what you do (or more precisely, what you currently think you currently do).

When you learn the theory, you should try to calculate some toy cases, and think of some explicit basic examples. You should certainly go to every single seminar related to algebraic geometry that you can, and likely drop by other seminars occasionally too.

My personal style as an advisor I'll suggest problems to think about, starting from small toy problems (which have a habit of growing into interesting serious research).

You'll have to pick what to work on, and find your own thesis problem.

I will be a demanding advisor, more demanding than most.

I have pretty broad interests in and near algebraic geometry. I may however not be the ideal person to supervise lots of things.To get an idea of the things I think about, see some of the things I've written. For example, I will not supervise a thesis in a nearby field.However, some of those subjects may not be ideal for a Ph. But I definitely do not require that you work on problems directly related to my own research.If you are interested in some of the ideas of algebraic geometry, you should also consider a number of other advisors.In this department there are a good number of people interested either directly or indirectly in algebro-geometric ideas. I will of course be happy to talk with you no matter whom you are working with.It is amazing what can become relevant to your research. And it won't happen to you unless you go to colloquia. By chance, I recently saw a Ph D thesis whose acknowledgements ended with the sentence "Finally, I would like to thank Dr.

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