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[0041] In the case of "self-issued" by the first device 105 DIR 112, and when the second device 111 requests the first device 105 from DIR 112, first device address of the identity provider 107 is changed from the internal address address externally accessible.Similarly, depending on the device 105 between a first device and a second communication stack 111 is available, can use the IP address and port number, URL path name, or any number of other addressing mechanisms.

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D link dir 655 validating identity

Relying party 120 can also use the identity token 150 to satisfy the declaration relying party certification body 120 and the security policy 110 permits the body 110 to complete the operation requested.

For example, the body 110 may be used such as cellular phones and other mobile devices to store DIR112, but may want to use such as a personal computer ( "PC") apparatus and the like having a richer user interface to interact with the relying party.

Also, use the DIR to obtain an identity token may be used alone or licensor require different entities, and can be expected to meet the information received about the use of the DIR (e.g., relying party name, type of attempted operation) of condition.

For example, in particular, Redmond, Washington, Microsoft's promotion of a system is sometimes called information card selector, the instance of Microsoft information card selector is often referred to Windows Card Space.

For example, the DIR 112 stored on the mobile phone and wants to use the DIR body 110 in the second device 111 does not exist DIR 112 (e.g., PC) on possible: (a) a request 112 DIR 111 on the second device; and (b) approved the issuance of DIR 112 from a first device 105 (e.g. [0040] In various embodiments, the DIR stored on the first device 105 includes a point 112 of identity provider 107 is the internal address, the identity provider 107 may be a service on the first device 105.

For example, if the DIR 112 is a "self-issued" by a first device 105 (e.g., the first device creates DIR 112 and distributed through the use of any identity token created DIR 112), comprising the DIR 112 identifies the identity provider 107 the internal pointer.

[0028] In certain embodiments, the body 110 may request relying party 120 identifies itself to a second device 111 to the body 110 can decide whether to rely on the security policy satisfying party 120, as described below.

The DIR 112 (Windows Card Space system provided in the .

[0015] The embodiments disclosed herein exemplary embodiments relate generally to identity systems, comprising means for generating a DIR initiating communication identity token, the identity token may be provided between the exchange and relying party body, to authenticate the identity and identity / or information related to the body.

For example, a relying party may comprise one or more of the following: computers, computer networks, data, databases, buildings, personnel, services, companies, organizations, physical locations, electronic devices, or any other type of resource.

Similarly, if the access device 117 of the third self-issued from DIR 112, the third device 117 may be provided to make similar changes in the identity of the third device 117 are included to provide an address externally accessible persons.

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