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Sadly, they’ve become the celebrity break-up story of 2015 after their shock split – and now, according to a report in US magazine Farrell is looking to finally seize his chance with gorgeous Jen.“He said he felt sexual tension between them,” a source close to the handsome Irishman says.

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But, as the suggests, it was his stunning co-star Jennifer, now 43, he wanted all along.“Colin thinks they’re soulmates,” says their insider.

“He loves that she’s part Irish and that they’re both tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside.”So what does Ben, who is maintaining a friendly relationship with Jen, the mother of his three children, think of this gossip?

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Colin has certainly led a spectacular dating life, being linked with everyone from Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie to Demi Moore and, most bizarrely, he admitted to a romantic liaison with Elizabeth Taylor in the final decade of her life.

She died in 2011 at age 79, when Colin described her as a “spectacular woman” and read a poem at her funeral.

has been known as the movie that brought its stars Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck together.

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