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Read on to experience an interactive photo tour of the couple’s house, complete with captions from Zucconi and Hooper themselves.We used a Lytro camera, so you can zoom and focus in on different elements of each image.

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Guitarist Andrew Wessen grew up in a house devoid of music, aside from when his grandmother played the piano.

What started out as a chance to hang out and keep the frat party going forever morphed into a successful band, against all odds.

Ahead of the band’s Coachella performance on Sunday to promote their third studio album Where do you find your bodysuits? I find a way to make them my own — I kind of do that with everything I buy. I’ve always been tomboyish, but I have been through more themes. My wardrobe was small and I didn’t have a lot of money there and I just kind of stuck to black.

I was more punk in high school, then I was more skater and when I moved to New York and I got more black clothing and more sophisticated looks. A., I got a lot more comfortable wearing my vintage clothes and thrift clothes again. I painted a lot and had a lot of splatters all over my clothes. As an artist you also have a hand in shaping the band's aesthetic. I make my own outfits, I paint all our amps, I made our backdrop, I made our album cover.

We definitely have our own look because my hand is on all the visual stuff.

It’s handmade, it’s expressive, it’s colorful, it’s fearless.

Hooper recently said in an interview that "after creating so much art together, we have now created a human being," whom both parents deeply enjoy getting offstage to see every night. They paint all of their own album covers Initially, a fine artist, Hooper is an accomplished painter.

It was therefore natural that she would design all of the band's album covers, which have all to date drawn from Hooper's extensive collection of paintings.

Everything that I wear has such a story to it; these pieces have been in my bag for so many places.

I sewed it on.” LOOK 4 “I fly a lot and happen to get a cold every time I get off a plane so when we were in Korea everyone was wearing these masks and I got a couple.

Hannah Hooper of Grouplove is the first to admit that she doesn’t care about style as much as she wants people to think she does.

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