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She will be ravished and touched by a stranger who felt compassion for her in their first sexual embrace, at the same time as she feels passion.

Connie’s instinctual being is now freed, she is open to the sensuous potentiality of the self.

is a striking example of the mastery of space over time.

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Not only does the shift from the frame of general history to the dramatic scene of chapter IV and the concrete narrative mode of chapter V establish the context for the contrast between Clifford and Mellors, it also epitomises the fact that the novel’s third person narrative is from now on centred on the consciousness of a focal character, Connie.

Indeed by returning increasingly to Connie’s point of view, Lawrence brings to the surface the potential for epiphany that is latent in the writing.

In order to accomplish this, she has to move away from Wragby, the world of mental life and of old forms, the cold world of fake emotions.

Her growing restlessness often causes her to rush off across the park, to the wood, her refuge beyond the park gate, a sanctuary of peace.

She refuses to be invaded by the torpor of the mental-lifers who surround her at Wragby.

Gradually, more and more consciously, she is led to journey towards an interiority which implies a passing of borderlines, both psychological and ethical.

Two epiphanic scenes prepare her for the dispossession of the self and the liberation of her instinctual being: her visionary experience when she comes upon her husband’s game-keeper washing himself unaware at the back of his cottage (66), when what she sees is simply “a body” and she experiences the shock of this vision in her womb; the later scene in which she observes her own naked body, in her room, to which she was led by the earlier vision of the man’s body.

The scene of the mirror is significant, as it involves Connie’s awareness, which is at the origin of her conversion.

Her desire to touch has been transferred to the chicks.

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