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Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a time of celebration!

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These groups began the tradition of presenting themed floats during the public parades, which was extremely popular and put New Orleans on the map as a festival venue.

Hardy explained the parades are "like a six-mile family picnic.

The contractor didn’t do the work and Hardesty took him to court.

She was living in a FEMA trailer, a place she and her little dog called home for eight months.

Fat Tuesday celebrations spread and soon elaborate galas were held.

Those who attended the parties wore masks to hide their identities, allowing them to celebrate without concern for their reputation.

Mark Roming, the President of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and IPA announce for the city's NFL team, explained: "People thought that there was no way the city would be able to embrace its culture and tradition after Katrina, but Mardi Gras proved to the country that [New Orleans] would come back. We are hyper-focused on one audience, YOU, the connected generation. Benedict on your home and receive a daily reminder of his teachings.

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A number of homeowners in 2011 sued the Road Home Homeowner Assistance Program because of the formula it used to determine the amount of assistance.

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