Campus dating violence fact sheet

Major interiors spaces, such as the as dining spaces, living rooms and the entry lobby, have cathedral ceilings up into the gabled roofs, with exposed white-washed wood trusses and decking.An orange clay brick, identical to that found in the old local houses, was used for the fireplaces of the living rooms, recalling the powerful memory of the hearth as a symbol of home.

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White picket fences, which are common in the area, allow residents to spend time outdoors in a controlled environment.

A series of carefully configured courtyards can be used by residents and viewed from interior circulation spaces.

A replica of the original rooftop water tower celebrates the warehouse building’s past and provides a prominent new visual landmark.

Great care and attention to detail went into breathing new life into an historic building to create a new hotel with an abundance of charm, whimsy and allure.

This project is a lovely response to the program for the building and its context in the community.

The architect applied a very thoughtful and refined version of the architectural vernacular in the area to a very large project.

The outdoor courtyard spills into the adjacent sidewalk, extending a warm invitation to everyone in the neighborhood and beyond.

Inside, a café offers meals created from on-site harvests and prepared in the modern training kitchen.

Resident rooms, living and dining spaces and the entry lobby are expressed as white steep-pitch gabled houses with dark roofs and double-hung windows.

These “houses” help make the facility look “like home” and are connect by a flat-roofed building containing all services and circulation.

Structural insulated panels were used to span between the trusses and allow the insertion of new skylights at the building’s peak.

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