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If you type in the URL or Web Address of a major search engine like or a website that you know is working and the page(s) still don’t load then please continue reading as you’re in the right place and the following guide can help you fix the internet on your Android smartphone.

This guide is intended to help fix an Android phone that is still able to make and receive calls but is unable to browse the internet properly.

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While in these settings, make sure to check that Data Enabled is checked and that the Use Packet Data is selected and checked as well.

Note: if you have changed wireless carriers or have flashed, rooted, or loaded a custom ROM onto your Android phone and you see an option available under the “Mobile networks” settings that says “Network operators” then press that option as you might need to manually select a network operator.

If your phones internet starts working then enjoy, if this setting is disabled as it should be then keep reading for some additional suggestions.

You’re going to want to make sure that your Wi-Fi is switched off for a few reasons.

If you have no service at all and your phone cannot even make or receive calls then I suggest contacting your wireless provider’s customer care department so that they can review your wireless account and check for any problems on their end.

That being said, if you’re only having problems access the internet on your phone please keep reading for some suggestions to get it connected and working properly.This setting is actually designed to cease the communications between a cell phone and its mobile network.If this setting is activated then chances are you are having more trouble on your phone than just the internet as it prevents the phone from making or receiving calls, sending text messages, and of course accessing the internet through your mobile data.If your cell phone only shows one or two bars of service then chances are your cell phone will not be able to connect or stay connected to its mobile internet.Try moving to a location where you can get more than 2 bars of signal strength on your cell phone and then try accessing your mobile internet again.Looking for some suggestions to get your cell phones internet working properly again? This guide is exactly what you’re looking for as it lists some common reasons why this can happen on an Android phone and better yet it provides some advice on how you can get your internet back up and running again.

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