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“While most get the flu shot in the fall and during a back-to-school checkup, there is still time to get the vaccine and protect yourself and your family,” says Dr. Think you know everything there is to know about the flu?

A study of twins conducted at the University of Washington reveals that sleep deprivation had a significant immunosuppressive effect, so make sure you’re getting at least seven uninterrupted hours every night.

You might not feel like spending much time outside during the chilly days that tend to coincide with flu season, but getting a little sunlight can do wonders for your health.

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suggests that alcohol has an immunosuppressive effect, so if you want to stay healthy, opt for a seltzer instead. The 7 Amazing Benefits of a Dry Month might just convince you to ditch the booze altogether. Touching your face, particularly mucous membranes like those inside your nose or mouth, during flu season after coming into contact with potentially-contaminated surfaces can significantly increase your risk of becoming ill.

It may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to steer clear of people who have the flu. Morel recommends avoiding contact with anyone who might have the flu, particularly if you haven’t had your flu shot. Washing your hands is a good way to reduce your flu risk, but it won’t do much if you’re constantly coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

Protect yourself with these habits that slash your flu risk and you might just make it out of flu season unscathed.

And when you want to improve your whole-body health, start with the 100 Easy Ways to Be a (Much) Healthier Man! Morel, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for New York-based Care Mount Medical calls the flu vaccine “the number one step you can take to prevent the flu.” Dr.

Whenever possible, wipe down potentially-contaminated surfaces with antibacterial cleansers, whether that means giving your keyboard a thorough cleaning or wiping down the handle of your grocery store cart before using it.

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